NEGATIVE WALL – “Gammagelu” (Doom Metal)

NEGATIVE WALL – “Gammagelu”

Release date: 08-02-2019
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Black Doomba Records

Negative Wall started in 2018 as a trio from different bands. Guitarist Don Cole (Blacklight Midnight), drummer Dennis Reid (Bludy Gyres, Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf, Blacklight Midnight) and bassist, vocalist Tommy Stewart (Hallows Eve, Bludy Gyres, Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf). After only seven writing rehearsals Negative Wall enters the studio and records Gammagelu, latin for the frost of gamma, in only seven more days. The studio is Blue Ogre Noise Lab with Tommy Stewart producing for Black Doomba Records.

Gammagelu is sci-fi themed so the three songs lyrics lean towards that description. Imperii Excules (Exiled Imperials) is inspired by an Outer Limits episode about The Zanti Misfits. The next track is a bizarre story called Hybrid Genus Serpentis about a reptilian being who forces sex with a space traveler who then gives birth to a being that encases him in a capsule that opens when he is the only living creature left in the universe. The third track is an old Irish folk song turned into a doom-blues snapshot called Et Mater Saeva (The Cruel Mother) and concerns matricide, planet KP22 as the setting. The last song is an Electric Wizard cover of Torquemada 71, while not sci-fi, it stylistically fits and simply a band favorite.