Destroyers Of All – “The Vile Manifesto” (Progressive Death / Thrash Metal)

Destroyers Of All – “The Vile Manifesto” 

Release date: 02-02-2019
Genre: Progressive Death / Thrash Metal
Label: Mosher Records


Destroyers of All is a progressive Death/Thrash metal band from Portugal that offers a blend of diverse musical influences from various styles ranging from thrash, death, and even black metal, to the hard rock and progressive metal styles. Charged with vicious riffs, voracious vocals and ear blasting drums, “The Vile Manifesto” marks a new chapter for the band, with Destroyers Of All pushing the boundaries of heaviness in their sound. As a result, this album is more violent and straight-to-the-point than ever, without losing the creative identity that marks the band’s music since its inception.

João Mateus – Vocals
Guilherme Busato – Guitar
Alexandre Correia – Guitar
Bruno da Silva – Bass
Filipe Gomes – Drums