Dying Embers – “Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” (Melodic Death)

Dying Embers – “Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen”

Release date: 10-03-2019
Genre: Melodic Death
Label: Black Sunset / MDD

Dying Embers is the solo project of Jürgen Schurz (Unhallowed).

Dying Embers was born out of the ambition to create music that contains influences from acts such as In Flames, Sentenced, Dark Tranquillity or even Metallica to a certain extent, which results in a sound structure that is dark, epic but still melodic. With catchy vocals and many melodies that have the potential to grab the listener with their bittersweet melancholy, “Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” also presents a lyrical concept that reveals the struggle with inner demons and views on the darker aspects of the human being.

“Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” was recorded, produced and thus made possible mainly by the support of producer Stefan Traunmüller in the Soundtempel Studio Freilassing (a.o. Wallachia).

Jürgen Schurz – Vocals, Guitars, Prog
Stefan Traunmüller- Session Bass
Thomas Leitner – Session Drums