(Doom Metal / Stoner Rock) The Grind Fever – “Cave Transmission”

The Grind Fever – “Cave Transmission”

Release date: 05-01-2019
Genre: Doom Metal / Stoner Rock
Country: Portugal
Label: Self-released

“The Cave Transmission” The Grind Fever’s debut EP and therefore the beginning of the fever and an invitation for what is coming next.

The culmination of our the band’s early days as a unit is represented in this record and that’s why The Grind Fever chose to call it “Cave Transmission”, in the sense they are transmitting to whomever wants to hear, what happened during their soul searching process; the cave rehearsals.


  • Francisco Figueiredo (Bass, Vocals);
  • João Neves (Guitars)
  • Júnior Neves (Drums)
  • Ricardo Tavares (Guitars)