Marianas Rest – “Ruins” (Melancholic Death Metal)

Marianas Rest – “Ruins”

Release date: 26 -04-2019
Genre: Melancholic Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Inverse Records

The dark shores of the Baltic Sea are home to gloomy melancholy and a place where many sad stories have come to an inevitable end. Still, in rare occasions new life emerges from the sea. Finnish coastal town of Kotka is the birth place of Marianas Rest, a band whose metal is forged in crushing pressure of the deep. Formed in 2013, the band dredges bottom mud and feeds on Scandinavian distress.

“Ruins” is an analogy for a broken mind. The record starts from the breaking point and progresses towards an inevitable end. It is emotional, depressive, melodic and heavy. The songs generally evolve throughout their length and reach their peak in the end. Music is a good way to vent off steam that eventually generates inside you when you grind your way through modern life. It is a good excuse to meet with friends and have a good time. To forget all the depressive shit that is going on around you.