Angra Demana – “Triptych Of Decay” (Black Metal)

Hailing from Iran, Angra Demana is a black metal band formed in late 2007. “Triptych of Decay” is the band’s new EP, which marks a new beginning for Angra Demana, such is the difference between this EP and the band’s debut full-length ”Dissolve Into Nothingness”, released in 2012.

“Triptych of Decay” is a handful of surprises. It’s an aggressive and varied ambient black metal album where the band successfully avoids to enter the mined fields of eccentricity or elitist avant-gard. It has the right dosage of melody created by the formidable guitar arrangements and interweaving riffs, and everything is executed with soul and intensity.

All songs written by ”Radman” and vocals done by Atom Krieg and drums recorded by Jocke Wallgren and Fredrik Widigs.