Interview with Marianas Rest

Answers by: Jaakko Mäntymaa / Vocals

Tell us about your latest release: the main concept; what fans should expect; what were/are your goals with it:

Ruins is a story about how a mind slowly crumbles: about introversion, putting up mental walls and eventually disappearing inside your own head. It’s about feelings of hopelessness and needlessness in modern society.

The story gets told via slow tempo riffs and melancholic melodies. Still, there is a tiny gleam of hope in the horizon.

We hope to give people a mood to sink in to. It’s not about sinking deeper, but coping with everyday pressure.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

I think we have kind of evolved, although the basic idea has not changed much. We didn’t know each other very well when we started playing so people had different tastes and ideas of where all this should and could lead.

We have wanted our songs to have feeling in them. That’s why everything is not always polished to the max. You have to have tiny flaws because they give you something to identify with.

We also wanted our albums to sound heavy and kinda light at the same time. We didn’t have a clue how to make it work though. Luckily we have a producer (Teemu Aalto) who knows what we want even if we don’t know it yet.

How does your writing process normally work out?

Normally Nico (Mänttäri) or Harri (Sunila) brings some sort of a sketch to our band camp. It may be just one riff. Then we just start to work with it as a group. Somewhere along the way I write lyrics to it. Aapo (keyboards) tops the whole thing off with his ultimate Casio magick.

What are your ambitions and how far do you want to push your band?

We’d like to see how long we can get better. When you get better at what you do, everything else usually follows. Playing live is probably the best thing you can do, so that is what we want to do.

What are your influences/musical references and the impact those same influences had in your sound?

Everyone of us would probably mention names like Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Sentenced as influences. If you want references, we are somewhere in the same area as Swallow the Sun and Ghost Brigade.  

What’s next for you?

Hopefully some touring, nice gigs and lots of fun. We have already started to work on our third album, so there is lot of work to be done.