Interview with Goresoerd

Tell us about your latest release: the main concept; what fans should expect; what were/are your goals with it:

Our 5th album “Kain” got some ideas and influences from the Bible’s Cain and Abel situation, where Cain became the first murderer ever. So all songs are mainly about evilness, darkness. There are some fast and heavier songs on this record and also some more melodic stuff. As with every previous album, we wanted to create something different and new for ourselves. For example, there are 2 guest vocalists on two of the songs.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

About 15 years back, when the band was formed, it was more of a fun goregrind project, but we have evolved way beyond that and goregrind is a wrong term to use for Goresoerd now. We’ve become more of a mixture of death, groove, modern metal.

How does your writing process normally work out?

Stig or Rasmus usually have some ideas written before and then we start to bounce and modify them, what will work and what will not.
What are your ambitions and how far do you want to push your band?
We’re not planning to settle yet. More albums, more touring and awesome shows. As far as we breath, Goresoerd will be around.

What are your influences/musical references and the impact those same influences had in your sound?

That list could go on and on, but to name a few references then maybe Stam1na, Mokoma, Amorphis. We get influenced by bands like Emperor, Death, Aborted, Shining.

What’s next for you?

We have the album presentation shows coming up in Estonia and also Summer festival. Probably the biggest show that we will play this year will be at Rockfest in Finland.