Agon – “Hollowed Lake” (Avant-garde black metal)

Agon – “Hollowed Lake”
21 October 2018

Agon is a solo atmospheric black metal project from Miami, Florida, USA. The sole member who created the band, wrote and recorded all the music is Andre Basora. Created in August of 2018, the debut album “Hollowed Lake” was released two months after the creation of the project on October 21, 2018.

Andre Basora comments: «”Hollowed Lake” is about the personal feelings I was having at the time, feeling sad and uninspired about my life. I didn’t find anything enjoyable at the time and just felt alone, isolated from the world. I was just wanting to release how I felt at the moment through my music, and whoever wanted to hear it could hear it.» On his influences, Basora adds: «One of my biggest influences for my music is Pink Floyd. They have forever changed my musical taste and the way I consume music since the first time I got into them. Their psychedelic and progressive sound greatly influenced the way I wrote my album and David Gilmour’s guitar work has influenced the way I play guitar. Burzum has influenced my music as well because he himself was a one man band and his music is what introduced me to the black metal genre, even though I don’t agree with all his views.»

Currently Andre Basora is working on Agon’s sophomore album and getting ready for the first live shows.

Line up:
Andre Basora: songwriter, performer, producer

Country: USA
Genre: Avant-garde black metal