ALL CAPS – “All’s Well That Ends Well” // Black Basset Records (Noise Rock)

A bass drowned with effects, a drum kit (or rather what’s left of it), a small keyboard reminiscent of an 8-bit synthesiser and a few wacky samples, that’s what these two overexcited guys have in store for you!

Initially, hip-hop is what they had in mind. Driving around town in customized SUVs and guest-starring rappers from Charleroi, Pennsylvania is what they aspired to do. But one is a fan of smoothies whilst the other spends his days playing BroForce on Playstation 4: the chemistry just wasn’t right for gangster hip-hop. So, naturally, weird geeky noise-rock is what these sweaty two lads started to spontaneously play. 

It was natural, it was always meant to be. Today, Pietou and Roxie are getting their propeller beanies ready to play their first gigs. They’ll be proudly introducing their first 6 title EP, All’s Well That Ends Well, which can be described as urgent, childish and doomesque at the same time. Good luck guys!

Line up:
Rémy Venant (drums)Pierre Toussaint (bass)

Country: Belgium
Genre: Noise Rock