Darchon – “Oionos” // Mercenary Musik (Atmospheric Black Metal)

Mercenary Musik
5 April 2019

Formed in 2008, Darchon soon emerged as a one-man force of profoundly crafted Dark Cosmic Black Metal Art. Based on the Deathly Echoes that reflect through the Inner Labyrinths of a Cold Hostile Universe, Darchon is the funeral path that leads to the edge of the Ancient Firmament. Now, Greek visionary Darchon has returned from the deeper depths to unveil his highest moment yet. Exploring the sacred rites of Orpheus, “Oionos” (meaning Omen in ancient Greek) is a diamond that returns black metal beyond the sacred reaches, as music about the vast mysteries & into the unknown beyond! Raw & Ethereal hymns that unfold a memorable journey, to honor the Cosmic wilderness of the Ancient Night.

Line up:
Darchon – All Instruments, Vocals

Country: Greece
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal