Excruciation – [E]met // Auric Records (Doom Death Metal)

Zurich’s extreme metal pioneers EXCRUCIATION have influenced the Swiss heavy metal scene in the 80s together with bands like Celtic Frost, Messiah and Coroner.

After seven furious years, several records and hundreds of shows, in 1991 their sheer aggression forced them to take a rest. The band eventually came back in 2005 with all original members rejoining forces to unleash doom, death and mayhem on stage.

EXCRUCIATION have an almost endless story to tell and a lot of metal in their luggage: After four critically acclaimed studio albums and several other works, including splits with Heavydeath and Stig .C. Miller (Amebix), the Zurich metal veterans will release a new record on March 22. On „[E]MET“ you’ll find a comprehensive compilation of rare songs that have been produced since the reunion in 2005: 16 songs, 76 minutes with tracks written for splits, sampler contributions, cover versions, B-sides and many more delicacies. Most of them only released on vinyl or MC.

With [E]MET, EXCRUCIATION will forge their versatile influences ranging from 80s Post-Punk and Crustcore to oldschool Black and Doom Metal into a new piece of extreme metal! The world gets darker and so is EXCRUCIATION.

Line up:
Eugenio Meccariello – vocals
Marcel Bosshart – guitars
George Hauser – guitars
D.D. Lowinger – bass
Andy Renggli – drums

Country: Switzerland
Genre: Doom Death Metal