Kneel – “Interstice” // Pulmonary Records (Hardcore / Mathcore / Thrash Metal)

A man of heaviness without limits and enemy of pre-conceived song structures re-emerges from the underground, leaving only the most uninterested people unaware. Pedro Mau (ex-Kneeldown, Wells Valley) comes back with his solo project KNEEL, showing us what he’s worth, not only as a drummer, but also as a bassist, guitarist, producer, and mixer. Vocals and lyrics were main responsibility of Filipe Correia (Wells Valley, Concealment), who is a special guest on this record.

With “Interstice”, Kneel showcases a huge inventive capacity and creates a record where Mau is the sole responsible for audio and visual concepts. Written between 2011 and 2013 and re-released in 2019, with a revamped mix, master and artwork, “Interstice” is a unique record for those who like heavy music without formulas and catchy chorus, where unthinkable rhythms and dissonances puts melodies to third plan.

A surprising experience which is more than capable of defying the most extreme fans of heavy music.

Line up:
Pedro Mau

Country: Portugal
Genre: Hardcore / Mathcore / Thrash Metal