NecrUterO – “METALLO” @Death/Thrash metal

NecrUterO – “METALLO”
Vomit Arcanus Production
15 January 2019

NecrUterO’s “Metallo” is dedicated to the loving memory of the band’s dear friend and brother Gianfranco “Metallo” Ganci, who passed away on January 15th, 2018, and both the title and its release date was chosen to pay homage to him. Lyrically, “Metallo” presents an evil and perverse approach, illustrating what goes on in the world and in the sick minds of people. It’s the band’s personal way to shout out a “Fuck Off” to mankind, which is ruining the world we live in. This is an album that can appeal to everyone who loves metal music in general because it does’nt have a well defined subgenre. It’s just fucking metal and from this album you can certainly expect a crescendo of desire to bang your head and to drink beer!

Line up:
H.Archvile: vocals
Abraxas: guitar
Alexi: guitar
Amon: drums
Roccia: bass

Country: Italy
Genre: Death/Thrash metal