Wishfield – Wishfield @Shoegaze / Black Metal

Wishfield – Wishfield
Sound Of The Northwoods
12 April 2019

Wishfield was conceptualized in the spring of 2018, beginning with Nick Stanger (Ashbringer) and Andy Meyer (Rictus) fronting instrumental composition and aesthetic development. Having written a distinct 8 tracks by mid summer, and with the expressed aesthetic to have a single fretless guitar accompanied by fretless bass, they enlisted Theo Galetka (Climi) to perform drums in their soon to be quartet. After only a handful of rehearsals, Wishfield instrumentally recorded their full length debut entirely live at Andy’s home studio, and without the aid of a metronome, such to create a recording space with not only no reference of time, but also no pitch-based reference point in light of the fretless instruments. From this point, Mariah Timm (Mariah Mercedes and the Bendz) was asked to front vocals over the live recordings, leading the group to reconvene at Andy’s home studio some months later to write and record the vocals in the span of about 20 hours, thus completing production on Wishfield’s self-titled debut release. Wishfield plans to promote their release in the coming summer of 2019, playing shows in their home city of Minneapolis, MN, and to begin the process of composing new material that further explores this balance between live improvisation, shoegaze, and atmospheric black metal.

Line up:
Mariah Timm – Vocals
Nick Stanger – Fretless Guitar
Andy Meyer – Fretless Bass
Theo Galetka – Drums

Country: US
Genre: Shoegaze / Black Metal