Kingbéast – “Straps Of Wrath” (Black Sunset)

Kingbéast – “Straps Of Wrath”
Black Sunset
10 May 2019

Long live the riffs, the sweat, the beer and the metal!

Groove thrash metal monsters Kingbéast are considered to be one of the best kept secrets of the german scene. With their 2014 self-released debut “Demonic Beast Arises” voted as “Demo of the Month” on Germany’s Rock Hard Magazine, its successor will be released before summer and prove that the early praise of their debut is well-deserved. With their razor-sharp guitar riffs, paired with a lot of groove mixed with a slow-paced doom sound, and the phenomenal drumming by Goath’s drummer Tobias Bezold, this trio makes sure no neck will survive the pain! “Straps Of Wrath” features 13 new tracks and was produced at Deadlight Studios under the direction of Lars Lüttge. In metal we trust!

Heiko Jesenek: Vocals and guitar
Daniel Sira: Bass
Tobias Bezold: Drums

Groove Thrash Metal