Laang 冷 – ” Hǎiyáng 海洋” ( Talheim Records)

Laang 冷 – “Hǎiyáng 海洋”
Talheim Records
9 December 2018

Laang 冷 is a terror black metal band from Keelung City 基隆市 Taiwan, born from horrifying experiences of what lies beyond life by the band’s sole member 杨涛海 after being shot during a car-jacking gone wrong nearly a year ago. During the following weeks after being shot, 杨涛海 experienced what he can best describe as “a place beyond Hell” while in a coma in the hospital. This world beyond death that he experienced brought incomprehensible terror and desolation beyond explanation. The band’s debut album Hǎiyáng 海洋 encapsulates this horrifying otherworld of emptiness, inhuman madness, and crushing terror.

杨涛海 (Yáng Tāohǎi)

Atmospheric black metal