Chine – “Like Vultures” (Death Metal)

Chine – “Like Vultures”
2 March 2019

Swedish dystopian death metal band Chine was founded in Helsingborg in 2005 by guitarist Andreas Weis and drummer Jesper Sunnhagen. After releasing their first EP “Repulsive Sonatas” on UK label Casket Music, Chine’s sound evolved further into a technical and aggressive blend enriched with dark harmonies. With the independent releases “Betray your own kind” in 2012 and “Immanent” in 2015, the band was praised for its unique and organic metal full of brutal energy and dreary atmosphere. Chine anno 2019 is completed by bass player Tommy Erichson, guitarist Jokke Petterson (ex. Kayser) and singer Tintin Andersen (ex Pray for Locust). Chine recently released their new EP ‘Like Vultures’ and are now sounding better than ever. Together with two brand new video productions, Chine are ready to take the next step and show the world their groove based and gloomy death metal together with a spectacular live performance with explosive stage presence. 

Line up:
Andreas Weis – Guitar
Jokke Petterson – Guitar
Tintin Andersen – Vocals
Tommy Erichson – Bas
Jesper Sunnhagen – Drums

Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal