Grenouer – “Ambition 999” (Sleaszy Record)

Grenouer – “Ambition 999”
Sleaszy Records
1 February 2019

Grenouer’s 9th album turned out to be a long-term project as they were going to walk off the beaten path. It was about viewing modern metal/rock sound from a different angle, however, there are always different ways to measure angles. Grenouer travelled to Finland to start recording with Anssi Kippo at Astia Studio, a producer no stranger to the band. All instruments were recorded, yet the musicians felt the wrong turn of sound direction, and the material predominantly started to resemble live sound hard rock/grunge recording, and pumped the brakes. It literally took the band several years to reproduce the album, a lot of which was modified and ultimately re-recorded. The album was mixed by Giuseppe ‘Dualized’ Bassi (Dysfunction Productions), and Grenouer managed to score the sought outcome. “Ambition 999” offers a different approach when compared to the band’s two previous efforts in terms of riff intensity and rapid-fire solos, balancing between new and clichés, double density and marked vocal temperament. Imagine Duran Duran if they were metalheads – this is what Grenouer have to offer.

Andrey Ind – lead vocals
Dmitry Rubanovsky – guitars
Alexander Motor – guitars
Igor Buzzy – guitars
Tony Rock – bass
Michael Coroner – drums

Country: Russia
Genre: Alternative metal