Toxic Ruin – “Mortal Insolence” (Thrash Metal)

Toxic Ruin – “Mortal Insolence”
15 October 2018

For those looking for intense riffage, pummeling speed and blistering technicality, Toxic Ruin will fit your bill and hit you right in the sweet spot! The sound of old school thrash metal with a pinch of death infects every track.Calling the Lake Michigan shores of Sheboygan, Wisconsin home, Toxic Ruin is following the trail of several previous Metal acts of Wisconsin such as Realm, Lazarus AD, and the legendary Morbid St. Yet, they retain an original sound and feel that can only be attained at a live Toxic Ruin show. You can expect to be given ample amounts of ferocious energy from the stage, along with a tight, heavy sound that will draw in any miscreant from miles away. Whether it’s David’s precise, explosive double bass work, Stephen’s demanding, possessed vocals, or the technical craftsmanship of Blake and Jake’s harmonious string work, Toxic Ruin always intends to deliver the best at every venue!You can find Toxic Ruin’s debut full length album, Subterranean Terror, and newly released EP, Mortal Insolence, everywhere music is sold online. These releases give everyone a good taste of just the kind of off-the-wall thrash metal that the band can offer. They present tons of different tempos, time changes, and lead work, always keeping the listener on their toes.The band will return to the studio to begin recording a second full length LP during the spring of 2019. Stay tuned to all the future releases as they will be sure to please the ear holes of every metal head!

Line up:
Jacob Baneck: Guitar
Blake Toltzmann: Guitar
David Miller: Drums
Stephen Behrendt: Bass/Vocals

Country: US
Genre: Thrash Metal