FlowerLeaf: Watch the lyric video for “Grain of Sand”

Brazilian power/symphonic metallers FlowerLeaf have published a lyric video for the track “Grain of Sand”, which was taken off from the band’s debut full-length “Stronger”. Vocalist Vivs Takahashi comments: «This was the first song written by FlowerLeaf. Marcelo [Kaczorowsky, instrumentalist] played some chords on the guitar and I quickly created the melody and the lyrics, and that’s when we thought, ‘OK, we can do this!’. The title of the album, “Stronger”, is based on this song, which talks about how we can change the world even if we are just a grain of sand, so we need to be stronger.»

Watch the lyric video for “Grain of Sand” at this location: https://youtu.be/9mvvBgjcJxc

In addition to the producer and guitarist Raphael Gazal (Pastore, Bulletback), “Stronger”, which is available on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming services, features special guest appearances from Mylena Monaco (Sinaya) and Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, Phantom Elite ).

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