Metal Injection premieres “Dark Lord” track of the psychedelic rock band STRAYTONES

After Straytones digital release “Beware, Dark Lord! Here comes Bell-Man!” on Robustfellow Prods we are pleased to present a cartoon video to one of the tracks of this EP, which will officially be unleashed on May 20th. This is a long-awaited visualization of the first half of the “garage-rock opera” — the song “Dark Lord”.

You can watch the video at this location: 

In short, the plot of this cartoon is as follows: Dark Lord, surrounded by the army of shadows, moves toward the village, smashing and thrashing everything on his way and transforms peasants into evil creatures, thereby replenishing his army. Behind the village stands a mountain with a Shrine on the top – that’s where the main aim for Dark Lord is stored. He gradually moves up, kills all the guardians, overcomes the oldest Sentinel of a Shrine, and gets an access to the mysterious artifact. Dark Lord completes the ritual with artifact in his hands and opens the portal, jumps into it and teleports to the meta-space to find something that will give him even greater power…