Paranoid Beast Promotions presents the 2nd annual Monolith Festival.
The all day indoor Metal festival takes place Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the prestigious venue Cypress Avenue right in the centre of Cork City, Ireland.

This unique all-day festival features a diverse range of Irish and international bands reanimating the Cork Metal Scene since the glorious days of the An Crúiscín Lán venue.

From fast and fierce internationally established Greek extreme metal band ROTTING CHRIST, Welsh Death Metal band SODOMIZED CADAVER, UK Blackened Thrashers DAMIM and Austrian Death Metal veterans Schirenc Plays PUNGENT STENCH to slow, sludgdy Doom-induced acts like zhOra, FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISKA, HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN, MALTHUSIAN, KING WITCH, GRAVE SERMON, VOW, TERZIJ DE HORDE, RAUM KIGDOM and SPIRIT MERCHANT. Monolith presents a number of acts that are renowned for their musical prowess and influence across the globe. This festival is packed full of diverse and unique music and ready to deliver a real Metal festival in the City of Cork once more.

Monolith Festival is Cork’s biggest independent Metal festival in 2019.
This event will boast 14 Irish and international metal acts on one stage.
Tickets are strictly limited and are available now via Eventbrite.
Fair prices and a big merchandise booth with apparel of all the playing bands can be expected.

For more information check the official festival page here: