Ukraine’ s spiritualized rockers Ethereal Riffian streams new video at The Obelisk

Ukraine’s spiritualized rockers Ethereal Riffian are presenting the first single and music video from their forthcoming third LP at The Obelisk.

Watch “Legends” at this location: | 

Directed by iconic Ukrainian director Viktor Priduvalov, the new music video for the title-track “Legends” showcases a drastic contrast with the band’s previous efforts. Frontman Val Kornev explains the shift in the band’s songwriting and overall direction: «With current crises in worldwide leadership, ecology, education and, most and foremost, consciousness, we just can’t wait any longer to finally start doing things right. Enough of this bullshit! Our turbulent times require courageous decisions and robust music. Music that can get you going even if you’re descending straight into the depths of hell and know that this day can be your last. This is what this track is about. It’s about legends and you can become one too.» Ethereal Riffian’s third full-length is set to be released in the second half of 2019 via Robustfellow Prods. The single is now available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other digital outlets.