Cipher – “Réminiscences” – Death Metal from France

Cipher – “Réminiscences”
29 May 2019

“Réminiscences”, the new offering by french melodic death metallers collective Cipher, is like a chest in the cellar which we use to keep our memories for a long time and we end up forgetting what’s inside it. But one day as we pass by, we wonder about its content, so we open it and rediscover bits of the past … pieces of our life. To celebrate 20 years of existence, Cipher have decided to re-record old songs from their discography. “Réminiscences” features 11 tracks released on previous albums plus 1 cover from A-HA. During this exciting experience, you’ll be able to testify the band’s progress over the years and their path to find an individual style within the melodic death metal genre.

Vince – lead Guitar / Vocals
François – Rythm Guitar
Flo – Drum
David – Bass / Vocals

Country: France
Genre: Death Metal