Fallen Tyrant – “Children Of A Nuclear Dawn” – Black Metal from Germany

Fallen Tyrant – “Children Of A Nuclear Dawn”
Bleeding Heart Nihilist Prod. / Narbentage Produktionen (Tape)
19 November 2018

Founded in 2008 as a solo project, Fallen Tyrant have been going about their wretched business as a power trio in the German Rhein-Main area since the beginning of 2011. The marching order was clear since the first collective demo, after which Fallen Tyrant perfected their own blend of brute 90s black metal, a distinct heavy metal impact and psychedelic influences. Locked away from the world in some obscure basement in Darmstadt, without limitations by trends or what the pretentious wannabe black metal elite deems to be “true”, the three musicians spend their days slowly forging one slab of pure hatred after another, only to sporadically appear on equally obscure stages in full facepaint and aurally assault confused audiences.

Fallen Tyrant play old-school black metal. Not more and certainly not less. Soaring tremolo riffs, furious blast beat attacks, droning distorted bass and harsh and angry vocals are the armament of this South-Hessian war machine. But on the seven songs of the second full-length album, Children of a Nuclear Dawn, they manage to use these most conservative means to inflict maximum creative damage. And this is not only due to special features like subtle saxophone and synth appearances on “Shifting Tides Along the Rhine” and “Astronomy” or scattered clean vocals parts, but simply through original and intelligent songwriting with charakter, skills and melody – as well as a good sense for the roots of heavy music.

Mithras Sol Invictus – vocals, electric & acoustic guitar
Nihlathak – electric bass, vocals, additional guitar
Sperrfeuer Heretic – battery

Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal