Built-in Obsolescence – “INSTAR” – Atmospheric Post Metal from ITALY

Built-in Obsolescence – “INSTAR”
MASD Records
3 December 2018

“Instar”, by italian atmospheric post metallers Built-In Obsolescence is a conceptual album that revolves around humans and their fatidic destiny in an eternal cycle of hope and disillusion. The band presents a narrative about the evolution of mankind, with humanity being shown as an insect that sheds its exoskeleton cyclically. There’s always a crysis that leaves all beliefs behind and push its core forward, following an ancestral natural design.

“Instar” is Built-In Obsolescence’s window for the world, so they can provide the listener with the chance to plunge deep in a music where they express their feelings through sounds, words, stories and the ideas that make “Instar”. With this record, Built-In Obsolescence aimed for a solid work to represent themselves and their personal growth towards what they intend to be the beginning of a long musical journey.

Bruno Galli – Drums
Valerio Biagini – Bass
Alex Semprini – Guitar
Paolo Sanchi – Voice
Gianmarco Ciotti – Guitar

Country: Italy
Genre: Atmospheric Post Metal