Die on Friday – “Revolution” – Nu Metal from Italy

Die on Friday – “Revolution”
Buil2Kill Records
1 February 2019

Die On Friday’s members have died and resurrected, leaving behind all their past musical projects to create something new. Largely influenced by the 90s alternative metal scene, the band’s goal is to find the right compromise between the compactness and natural heaviness of their vocal lines and melodic abilities, to reach a radio-friendly and mainstream sound.

Gianluca Barbieri: voice (D-Swoon)
Manuel Merigo: guitar (In.si.dia – Cidodici)
Dario De Carlo: guitar (Cidodici)
Manuel Maffi: bass (Cidodici)
Paolo Pirola: drums (Drakkar – Cidodici)

Country: Italy
Genre: Nu Metal