Sathamel – “Horror Vacui” (Blackened Death Metal from UK)

Sathamel – “Horror Vacui”
17 May 2019

“Horror Vacui” sees UK’s blackened death metallers Sathamel return from a lengthy hiatus of almost 2 years with a brand new lineup and total reinvention. “Horror Vacui” is the fear of empty spaces and the title was applied in a more literal sense in terms of the void felt while the entity that is sathamel had halted all activity.

For this record, Sathamel continues the path they have followed on previous releases while creating a more cohesive sound, focusing in the memorability and creation of hooks which comes fairly naturally from their taste in music and the stuff they like to listen to.

For fans of Behemoth, Hate (Poland), Belphegor and Svart Crown.

Kruk – Vocals
KVN – Guitars
Cygnus – Guitars
Nadir – Bass
Reykr – Drums

Country: UK
Genre: Blackened Death Metal