OUT OF ORDER publishes lyric video for “Guilty”

Sixteen years after their last album “Back In Hell”, german power/thrash metallers Out Of Order are back with “Facing The Ruin”.

Today, as the album is officially released, the band has published a lyric video for the track “Guilty”.

Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Markus Ullrich (Lanfear, Septagon) and Dirk Burke (Lakeside Studios) were involved in the production of the album and the track “On The Rise” features an outstanding guest appearance by Liv Kristine.

// Tracklist //
1. Watching You
2. Self Deception
3. What For
4. The Sniper
5. Guilty
6. Tears
7. God Is Angry
8. On The Rise
9. Blood Vengeance
10. Apocalypse

// links //
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/outofordermetal/
Website: http://out-of-order.de/

// Guilty Lyric Video //https://www.vidrise.com/v/fp9yt/https://youtu.be/pJvjVO4vr24