E-an-na release new song & video „Apele Îngheţate” and announce upcoming album

The band E-an-na has just released the new song „Apele Îngheţate” (The Frozen Waters) together with a video. With each release the band strays further away from the conventions of regular folk metal, trying to bring something new and fresh to the genre. 

The song deals with depression and topics deriving from it, depicting an abstract place or being that functions for each of us as a shelter.

The song is part of the upcoming album „Nesfârşite”. Nesfârşite will be released on the 19th of july 2019. The album contains 13 songs and is graced by some internationally known guest musicians:

Michalina Malisz from Eluveitie 
Archy Jay a.k.a. The Snake Charmer 
Daniel Neagoe from Clouds, Eye of Solitude, Shape of Despair, Aeonian Sorrow
Robert Cotoros fom The Bipolar Disorder Project

Preorder the album: https://e-an-na.com/nesfarsite-preorder/