Avavago – “Tyrant” – Black Thrash from USA

Avavago – “Tyrant”
Blood and Brutality Records
3 June 2019

US blackened thrashers Avavago returns with their sophomore album “Tyrant”, a 32 minute effort of pure heavy black thrash, continuing the sonic hostility from their 2014 self-titled debut. Avavago is heavy metal, speed metal, and rock and roll all rolled into one. Guttural vocals, heavy guitars, intricate guitar solos, fast double bass drumming and low end distorted bass guitar are all a part of their music.

Avavago’s influences include Kreator, Doctor Know, Aura Noir, Motörhead, Black Flag, Batallion Of Saints, Discharge, Impaled Nazarene, AxCx, Bad Brains, Slayer, Assück, Ramones and Terrorizer.

Tim Boykin: Vocals and Guitar
Arant: Drums
J. Lawley: Bass

Country: USA
Genre: Black Thrash