Baradj – “Hunnar” – Post folk metal from Russia

Baradj – “Hunnar”
19 June 2019

Baradj is a metal band from Russia formed in 2003 in the town of Yelabuga (Tatarstan).

The group’s music tends to comprise spacious, atmospheric sound along with the combination of folk motives of the ancient Bulgar ethnicity and the elements of such genres as progressive metal, art metal, post metal, melodic death metal, ambient metal, post rock. The result of such combination is the unique compositional structure and melodies, which was called “post folk metal” by the band’s members.

The band comments on “Hunnar”: «We want to tell the story of a great historical nation to the world. It could be difficult to dance to our music, but it definitely makes you think and imagine. And if a person starts to think and gets to know the history, such person will be able to make the right choice in critical moments of his or her life. We did such a choice by putting our effort to make intelligent music with relatively small audience, as if we would say to the listener “you can change your life in any way you want, but you need to know your roots and have your ancestors in honour”. Despite all the obstacles, we took that risk and created this powerful, serious, rigorous music with elements of Bulgar folk melodism.»

«All music that we created before “Hunnar” was more or less experimental. After “Nardughan” and “Triptych”, we wanted to create a more conceptual work, through which we could tell the history of centuries-long wars and the reign of great rulers, who had immense influence on the whole human world. So we created a totally new sound using good old ethnic motives of Volga Bulgaria and powerful metal of our days together with various progressive tunes. Such an album doesn’t just sound – it speaks. And it won’t be as simple as Nardughan (although it’s quite hard to call it simple). “Hunnar” is a theatre of sound with the scent of history. It transmits the new vision of future of metal music combining the spirit of the old times together with the modern perspective.»

Djonathan Lindaive (vocals, guitar)
Anton Lisin (drums)
Aleksey Lozhenkov (guitar)
Ruslan Latypov (bass)

Country: Russia
Genre: Post folk metal