Barbarian Prophecies – “Origin” (Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records / Iron Matron Records)

Barbarian Prophecies – “Origin”
Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records / Iron Matron Records
21 June 2019

The concept for Barbarian Prophecies’ “Origin” revolves around the mysteries surrounding the human being. Fans of melodic death metal will find an album with diversed rhythms and structures, coming closer to all extreme metal enthusiasts. Over the past two decades, Barbarian Prophecies have evolved to incorporate multiple influences from the musicians who have been part of this project from its conception, allowing some room for their experience and motivation to make the changes they needed in their sound.

Alicia : Vocals
Arnt : Guitars
Julio : Drums
Manuel : Bass
Oscar : Guitars

Country: Spain
Genre: Death metal / Melodic death


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