Red Dead Roadkill – “Sweet Songs of Anguish” (Fastball Music)

Red Dead Roadkill – “Sweet Songs of Anguish”
Fastball Music
21 June 2019

Dark, angry, bewitching and hungry – a new phoenix rises from the ashes of an already forgotten band. Songs for the soul have been forged from the heart. Earth stomping hand- made guitar rock from Hamburg’s dark rooms with feminine dragon figureheads will make stages insecure in future.

Their songs are concerned with a variety of subjects which everyone can identify with. These subjects are transformed into lyrical pictures often seen in another light and through the music are processed emotionally. The subject matter deals with the relationship with oneself and our fellow human beings inside an every changing and increasingly speed orientated world. It is important for the band to give something special to its listeners and at the same time remain musically open and diverse.
The twelve songs on “Sweet Songs Of Anguish” are an impressive demonstration. The opener “Unleash The Beast” immediately gets down to business with driving drums and sharp guitar riffs with a melodious and catchy chorus setting the tone for the rest of the album.

Male vocal parts (“Good Night”), used in a subtle and skilful way as a duo, as well as the alternation between hard rock (“Haill To The King”) and really infectious and catchy choruses provide a lot of variety. The melancholy rock ballad “Under Water” presents the fitting finale to the album with the twelve album songs coming full circle in a quite homogenous way. “Sweet Songs Of Anguish” was recorded in 2018 with “RAADD” who was the lead singer at the time and has also been featured in the video clips produced to date. The band’s new lineup with singer “Redness” is going to perform live on stage in the coming months after which they will start working on the next album.