SPY # ROW – “Blood Brothers” – Rock

SPY # ROW – “Blood Brothers”
Fastball Music
26 April 2019

More than a dozen years spent together as a band clearly prove that these are not amateurs despite their youth. SPY # ROW are a really unique band by all means: they have known each other from birth and have performed as SPY # ROW for 14 years – even though their youngest band member just turned 21 in 2018. Sam and Tim Jäger as well as drummer Arian Gerhardt are an experienced team which is obvious the more one listens to them or watches them play.

On their debut album “Blood Brothers”, SPY # ROW enthuse their audience with powerful and melodic rock combined with their very own modernity which makes their songs worthy of the year 2018. However, SPY # ROW don’t let themselves be limited in their style. Their songs are modern, individual and unique. A high recognition value provide frontman Sam Jäger’s rough voice and the outstanding songwriting with partly rough passages which, paired with melodic parts, are the band’s typical trademark to express personal emotions like joy, rage, fear, love or thoughtfulness.

Rock music conveys emotions like no other genre. It also shows the amount of handcraft put into the music as claimed by the guys from SPY # ROW which in this case means modern heavy rock captivating the audience – young or old. “Brothers for live”, that is the motto. SPY # ROW are a unit. Everyone knows each other and relies on them. This is what constitutes the strength of the band and which is definitely obvious in the eleven songs on “Blood Brothers”.