Herrschaft – “Le Festin du Lion” – Electro-Metal / Industrial from France

Herrschaft – “Le Festin du Lion”
Les Noires Productions
21 June 2019

The French Shock-Metal masters are back after a 15 year old career, with their upcoming 5th album, a new live line-up, and a new visual identity. HERRSCHAFT can be defined by a combination of Electronica and Metal; a mixture from the sweat of a drunken metalhead’s pit, and the intoxicating smoke of a dark electro cave full of night creatures and with raw anger and unchallenged dynamics. The message of the band evolves with each new album, yet sticking to the guidelines of the hegemony and fall of the humanity perversion.

After exploring the cynicism of man in his most sordid experiments, the band now impersonates the vision of a gambling Satan, relishing the missteps and fails from his subjects, waging on their certain end. HERRSCHAFT incarnates grotesque and decadence in its music as well as on stage and this new album LE FESTIN DU LION is its worthy progeny.

Max : Voice, Electronica
Zoé H. : Guitars, Bass, Electronica, Producing
Liv : Live Drums
Dany : Live Bass

Country: France
Genre: Electro-Metal / Industrial

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/HerrschaftOfficial
Instagram : https://instagram.com/herrschaft_official/
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/HerrschaftTV
Website : http://www.h-noise.com/
Bandcamp : http://herrschaft.bandcamp.com/
Deezer : http://www.deezer.com/fr/artist/1024864
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/2OmZt4Z9OpUqDBxDeZIWoA
ITunes : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/herrschaft/id213417046