Baleful Abyss – “Death Propaganda” (Black Sunset/MDD)

Baleful Abyss – “Death Propaganda”
Black Sunset/MDD
26 July 2019
CD | Digital

With “Death Propaganda”, Baleful Abyss presents their debut album, which actually is no debut at all since the german collective has released 3 albums under the banner of Zombieslut, before they decided to restart their activity under a new name in 2019. Even though the name has changed, we can’t say the same about their musical orientation as the band continues to pursue the path of old school death metal.

Baleful Abyss stands for obscure, massive Death Metal and presents 11 tracks plus intro full of groovy and doomed brutality. The band takes a look into the abysses of the human soul and pushes this mixture directly and mercilessly through the ear canals.

The current album was recorded by the band themselves and was mastered by Tim Eiermann (Pyogenesis, Gut). The cover artwork is by Afel Rafael / The red Devils Art (Suicide Silence, Voices Of Ruin).

Frank von Boldt – Guitar/Vocals
Joe Azazel ­ Guitar
Hamdi Avci ­ Drums
Mojo Kallus –Bass

Country: Germany
Genre: Death Metal