Massive Destruktion – “Mercenaries” – Thrash Metal from Puerto Rico

Massive Destruktion – “Mercenaries”
5 July 2019

Massive Destruktion is a thrash metal band from the island of Puerto Rico. It was founded by vocalist Abraham Baez and ex drummer Rob Torres.

The band has been playing on the Puerto Rican metal scene for twelve years and it is recognized as one of the bands that inspired the thrash metal movement that exists on the PR metal scene today.

The concept of “Mercenaries” represents the new image that the band has, where they don’t follow any rules but their own. The tracks talk about politics, war, death and how all this affected our way of life and civilizations. The band’s goal with this album is to be able to represent the metal music scene of Puerto Rico.

Abraham(Bran-Chi) Baez- Vocals
Kelthvin Torres- Guitars
CJ Cintron- Guitars
PJ Zapata- Bass
Norman Saez- Drums

Country: Puerto Rico
Genre: Thrash Metal

Instagram: massive_destruktion