The Ogre – “Entity” – Metal from Brazil

The Ogre – “Entity”
18 February 2019

The main concept of “Entity” was to take the listener through a soundscape of horror and fear, as if it was a movie with several nightmarish stories. With the 2018 release “Dead In The Water”, the one-man-band solidified its progressive death metal style due to its broad merging of influences like death metal, black metal, heavy metal and even soundtrack symphonic passages.
In early 2019 the third album “Entity” is released, showcasing a heavier sound while maintaning its melodic side. When it comes to musical references, and appart from bands such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Wasp, Motorhead, Dimmu Borgir and a million more, The Ogre likes to explore soundtracks from movies and video game to draw inspiration and drive the listener into fear or tension or even something unexpected.

All songs talk about macabre tales, urban legends, occultism and even personal experiences taking the listener through a unique sound experience diving straight into an obscure, dark and lost universe.

Diogo Marins – All instruments

Country: Brazil
Genre: Metal

Instagram: @the_ogre_metal