Diabolical Mental State – “Diabolical World” – Groove/ Thrash Metal from Portugal

Diabolical Mental State – “Diabolical World”
13 September 2019

Diabolical Mental State’s debut full-length “Diabolical Word” is a merciless and brute thrash attack from start to finish, featuring an unrelenting and intense sound wall which displays furious and uncompromising battles of riffs and leads, with a sound production that highlights all the groove this portuguese band has to offer.

“Diabolical World” is an introspective and complex journey both musically and lyrically, where the band explores a different side on tracks such as “Dark Days”, “Anger Within” and “Chilfren Of The Tides”, while maintaining a critique tone towards society and the world. With this record, Diabolical Mental State shows they don’t belong to one genre only, providing a powerful mix of groove, thrash, hardcore and other sonic adventures that makes of this sound something of their own.

João Saraiva – Vocals
Pedro Isaac Ribeiro – Guitar
Ricardo “Apache” Neto – Bass
Gonçalo Assunção – Guitar
Rafael Santos – Drums

Country: Portugal
Genre: Groove/Thrash Metal