Interview: Needless

Tell us about your latest release: the main concept; what fans should expect; what were/are your goals with it:

If you like thrash or death metal, and want to hear some technical riffs, with a huge portion of atmospheric wibe, all packed into a fierce, agressive ferocity, than the music of Needless is for you. We want to deliver the highest octane of traditional extreme music for extreme people. If someone digs the infernal and raw energy of the hungarian Tormentor, than here is the best chance to add a new, yet in many ways similar hungarian madness to the playlist which comes from the fields of modern metal. This was our main goal to achieve such ferocity. This is Needless, this is what the folks will get from our debut ‘Heresy’.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

It definitely did grow. Throughout the years of myriad rehearsals, we mixed a lot of melodies, rythms, grooves, and riffs together, always looking for the best combination that can work perfectly in a unique kind of way, which is dark, thechnical, and aggressive at once.

How does your writing process normally work out?

In Needless, songs created by our guitarists and by the vocalist. The riffs normally come into our minds first, then we put the onto the instruments. We are not the ‘jam’ type of band.

What are your ambitions and how far do you want to push your band?

We would like to push the boundaries of our music as far as possible, to get heard in every place in the world. Our main goal is to make an European tour as well. Our absolute dream is, when it comes to hungarian metal music, folks all around the globe should know Needless besides Thy Catafalque, Pokolgep or Tormentor, as a legitim flag of our country’s metal.

What are your influences/musical references and the impact those same influences had in your sound?

We would not do this interview without Death, At the Gates, Exodus, Testament, or Kreator. We are very thankful to those bands, and they will always be huge inspirations for the five of us.

What’s next for you?

After releasing Heresy we are going to hit the road in our country to play several shows in this autumn. Then we move on to the next record which already has a work title ‘Deadfire”.