Solace of the Void – “Solace of the Void” – Melodic Black Metal from Canada

Solace of the Void – “Solace of the Void”
CDN Records
26 July 2019

Created in 2015 by Michael Grund (Hexenklad, Battlesoul, SIG:AR:TYR) and John Chalmers (Hexenklad, Pagan Ritual), Solace of the Void is a journey into solitude and uncertainty which mixes everything from black metal to dark mystical folk with moments ranging from absolute serenity to outlandish symphonic bombast. Unlike most typical records, this ambitious effort sees 20 prominent metal musicians from across Canada collaborating together over a 4 year time period.


Michael Grund – Guitars, Song Writer, Keys
John Chalmers – Guitars, Song Writer, Recording Engineer

David Parks of Dark Forest (vocals)
Timothy “Voldemars” Johnston of Hexenklad, Eclipse Eternal (vocals)
Jeff Mott of Hollow, Hands of Despair (vocals)
Joel Violette of Thrawsunblat, Woods of Ypres (vocals)
Morgan Rider of Vesperia, Crimson Shadows, SIG:AR:TYR (vocals)
Jon Doyle of Battlesoul (vocals)
Andrew Chalmers of Hexenklad, Pagan Ritual, Panzerfaust (drums)
Evan Johnston Of Eclipse Eternal, Burn to Black (drums)
Nicholas Ireland of Battlesoul, SIG:AR:TYR (drums)
Dan Ayers of Sludgehammer (bass)
Jon Ferreira of Panzerfaust (bass)
Jon Kal of Hexenklad, Pagan Ritual, Fallen Legion (bass)
Clare B. of Hexenklad, Eclipse Eternal (keys)
Dean Arnold of Vital Remains, Primal Frost (solos)
Nigel Kay of SIG:AR:TYR (solos)
Ryan Hofing of Crimson Shadows, Remain (solos)
Raphael Weinroth-Browne of Musk Ox, The Visit (cello)

Country: Canada
Genre: Melodic Black Metal