Murderbird – “Pillars of Creation” – Rock/Metal from Sweden

Murderbird – “Pillars of Creation”
28 June 2019

From the ashes of a cheerless fallen band, the undying spirit of three wailing souls (guitarists and vocalist) searched for a new beating heart (rhythm section) to help breathe life into a new band. Rethinking their vibe and renaming their group, Murderbird was officially formed in 2014. With solid roots in old school hard rock and inspired by fresh modern metal, Murderbird blends styles with ease and creates a sound that involves heavy rock, groove metal, thrash and strong melodic hooks. Honoring the heroes of metal and rock, Murderbird takes pride in throwing vibrant, energetic and euphoric live performances to audiences small and great alike. In June 2019 they released their 12 song debut album ‘Pillars of Creation’ and are now expected to take it to the stage.

The band comments on “Pillars of Creation”: «It’s honest, raw and true “modern old school metal” that mixes big melodic hooks with thrash-riffs and stomping grooves. Murderbird spawned from the ashes of another band that had been going for quite some time so we had a lot of material to choose from for our first album. “Pillars” is a compilation of songs that captures our vibe and shows the different sides we have. It’s a set of songs we’re proud to introduce Murdebird to the world with.
Lyrically the songs vary as much as the music. Each song has its own story, meaning and message, but the album has a fitting through line of new beginnings. A lot of it is about leaving something negative behind and entering something new and positive. That’s exactly what we’ve done as a band and that’s what this album means to us. This is the beginning, this is the birth of Murderbird.»

Tobias Ekholm – Vocals
Patrik Forsberg – Guitar
Markus Söderqvist – Guitar
Marcus Hamrin – Drums
Stefan Haglund – Bass

Country: Sweden
Genre: Rock / Metal