Riff Relevant Exclusive Premiere: Ethereal Riffian release the third single with lyric video from their upcoming LP ‘Legends’

After dropping the first single and music video ‘Legends’ in May (http://smarturl.it/hhrhqr), and releasing the second single ‘Kosmic’ in June (https://smarturl.it/qpadua), Ethereal Riffian are presenting the third single ‘Unconquerable’. The latter is accompanied with the lyric video created by Nastya Homenko and aimed at enhancing the track’s message.

Val Kornev, front man of the band, comments:

‘Behind every legend, there’s a legendary act. Behind every legendary act, there’s an unconquerable spirit. Spirit devoid of any fear, doubt and indecisiveness. It’s an invisible force that made Terry Fox run 5,373 kilometers with one leg to raise awareness of cancer. It’s what inspired tender woman Rosa Parks to stand up for the rights of black people in one of the most racist states of America. It’s the inner strength that made a man in a loincloth named Gandhi to unite the Indian nation despite incredible opposition. It’s the spirit that our times need most. The spirit that awaits to be awakened in each of us.’

Video is available following this link: https://www.riffrelevant.com/2019/08/13/premiere-ethereal-riffian-unconquerable-video-new-album-legends/

Digital version of the track is available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other digital outlets. The release of the ‘Legends’ album is planned for the 6th of September via Robustfellow Prods on cassette tape, vinyl, CD and as a limited edition.