Vanhelga – “LPT” (Remastered)

Vanhelga – “LPT (Remastered)”
War Against Yourself
31 October 2019
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“Positive Music For Positive People”

VANHELGA was formed in Linköping, Sweden, in 2001 by 145188, who got together with likeminded musicians in order to finally breathe life into his vision, something he had not been able to do with any previous bands and musicians he had worked with. Since then they are known for their atmospheric and captivating live performances, becoming one of the most appreciated, unique and popular acts within the scene.

Through music and lyrics VANHELGA, which translated from Swedish means “Profane”, explores the darker side of humanity. The one that few will admit exists, but which nevertheless is a huge part of every individual’s existence.

VANHELGA’s music can doubtlessly be classed as black metal, but that would be too restrictive a definition. Their music is cold and sinister but with melodies and melancholic moments that can draw you in and lull you into a false sense of security before you realize, too late, that you have been caught in an ominous web of sound that sends shivers down your spine.

“LPT” is the result of a long period of time beeing hospitalized under the Swedish law called “LPT” with no freedom at all and the only thing present was total misery and silence. All lyrics, music and artwork was created during this time of isolation. If you want to get a feeling of the anxiety, misery, depression and pain that beeing locked inside of a psychiatric ward provides, then listen to this piece of art.

145188 – Everything except drums
D. Franzén – Drums

Country: Sweden
Genre: Black Metal/Depressive Rock