Van Alen – “String Theory” (C + P Mars Music Productions)

Van Alen – “String Theory”
C + P Mars Music Productions
27 September 2019

Van Alen is looking back at a history of 20 years playing guitar. He started pursuing his passion with the age of 14. In the beginning he was a self taught player until he realised what was needed to play like his idols Slash, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. The only way to extend his abilities was professional education. As a guitar pupil Van Alen obtained the necessary knowledge about music theory, rhythm play and various solo techniques.

From the very beginning he was playing lead guitars in several bands but he reached one major milestone when he joined the austrian Metal and Roll Band ECLIPTICA in 2008.

In 2017 Van Alen decided to make an instrumental solo album and this was the initial point for „String Theory“.

His wish to create music and various arrangements, which are simply not possible in his band, was the main reason to compose the album the way it is. His way of playing melodies and structuring the arrangements gives a good example of merging technical abilities with creative elements.

„The listener should be taken to a unique journey where the storytelling is delivered by the guitar itself and the path is covered in a special instrumental atmosphere“ 

is the main goal that VAN ALEN wants to achieve with his debut album.

Genre: Rock