Douaumont – “Chironex Fleckeri” – Technical Death Metal from US

Douaumont – “Chironex Fleckeri”
Pale Noise Media
20 September 2019

Douaumont was conceived in February 2019 through the growing curiosity of writers/collaborators/label runners Matt Wees and Andy Meyer. It was set from early on that this project would be led by 5 and 7 string basses rather than guitars, and would set an experimental standard for the band in what type of music and sounds it would be able to produce.

“Chironex Fleckeri” is rooted in a conceptual state of looking at how one sees him/herself through different lenses. Dividing this record into two sets of four tracks allows a clear dichotomy between larger ideals (both musically and lyrically), but this concept is yet further explored from track to track to maintain continuity. Within this concept lies a monolithic layer of exclusively bass guitars spanning many influences – some rooted in modern technical/progressive death metal, others from 19th and 20th century classical music. One of the main goals of the album was to simply “write music on this instrument” – rather than “try to make this bass sound like a guitar.”

Andy Meyer – 5 & 7 String Basses, Vocals
Matt Wees – Art, Lyrics, Vocals

Country: US
Genre: Technical Death Metal