Profanation – “Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil” – Death Metal from Germany

Profanation – “Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil”
Hostile Media
26 April 2019

Founded in 1997, Profanation are back with their fifth full-length “Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil”, an album that sees Profanation releasing their best material to date. It was originally released in April 2019 through Hostile Media. All tracks are finely balanced between speed, aggression and groove with Profanation somehow managing to create a red line, connecting all the songs even though it‘s not a conceptual record. This is old school death metal adapted for modern times with a superb production and influenced by – but not limited to – the classics. 

Alex – guitar/ vocals
Vincent – guitar
Anton – bass
Luxl – drums

Country: Germany
Death Metal