Savaoth – “Neophyte” new promo available – Black Metal from Greece

Savaoth – “Neophyte”
8 September 2019

SAVAOTH was originally formed in 2001 as a four piece act based in Athens, Greece.

Their debut album titled “Whispers Often Bleat” hit the stores in mid 2009 via I For An I Records & Media.

After 10 years of inactivity SAVAOTH has re-emerged to explore the nethermost foundations of the human origins. The new EP ” Neophyte ” is a self-initiatory trip, from inferior to superior aspects of the psyche.

Neophyte is Savaoth’s reappearance after 10 years of absence from the black metal scene. So it is basically an initiation into the band’s new sound, thus the title Neophyte, which roughly means ‘new apprentice’. The fans should expect a new, fresh approach to black metal, with classic Savaoth cutting edge riffing and industrial sounds, combined with a more ritualistic atmosphere.

Vasilis Kranos (also Word Of Life, Arkhangelsk, Khora)

Country: Greece
Genre: Black metal